Interview: cG.PrOj3Ct

GameSync conducted an IRC interview with cG.PrOj3Ct, the leader of cG Team 2. His team placed second in the recently concluded round one of the Counter-Strike: Source WCG cybercafe preliminaries held at LanLab@Ginza on Sunday, 3rd April 2005. We asked him about his clan, team, and his views on WCG this year.

Let’s start with an introduction. Who are you, and what clan are you from?

I’m Marvin, also known as PrOj3Ct, from clan Covert Ghosts (cG). I am the team leader of cG Team 2.

How long has your team been playing Counter-Strike: Source together? Did your team also play Counter-Strike together?

My team has played Counter-Strike: Source together for only 1 month. Although we have a background of playing Counter-Strike, we’ve never played Counter-Strike 1.6 or other older versions together before.

One month must be a very short time to bring a team together and play well as a team. How did you do it?

The players had faith in me. I see their potential and together we chase the simple dream of going to the WCG finals together. One month is a short time up to now, but we still have got a long way to climb and succeed.

How did your team prepare for the WCG preliminaries?

Truth be told, we didn’t have much training, as I still had my full-time National Service duties to fulfil and I am a stay-in personnel. The only times we could train were weekends. We only played one match the day before the preliminary with BF.Nut and decided to put our faith in each other to test for the competition. We had surprising
results! I am very proud to say, those are really the results that I wanted.

I believe the results spoke for themselves, you guys did really well. How far do you think your team can go in WCG this year?

I can’t judge right now, but we are actually off on a good start finishing second on our first WCG competitive tournament. Hopefully, we will go all the way and represent Singapore in the November WCG Grand Finals.

What did you think of the WCG preliminaries this year?

The WCG preliminaries made me see that old school CS players are coming back to play competitively again. I am happy as I get to see more new faces. Finally, a new generation of CS players. Hopefully WCG this year will make those old school CS players come out from retirement and give birth to more new CS players, thus making the local gaming scene more recognised and happening.

What was the best part about the event?

The best part of the event was the moment when my clan mate SiaOLiaO from cG Team 1 went on a rampage. He was 22/0 up! I was going, can someone kill him already!? Then everyone started laughing.

The most intensive part of the event was during the disease and EoN match. It was such a close fight between the 2 teams. There were a few heart stopping moments for me during the match while spectating the players.

How do you think the event can be improved?

The computers at LanLab are quite laggy. It starts off with really good FPS, but as you play, it becomes more and more laggy.

During our first round match up, one of my team mates had to sit one computer away from the team, because they haven’t updated the Counter-Strike: Source installation for certain computers. It was the same for the opponent’s side as well. I hope that LanLab will look into this matter as it is had for a commander to screen at his players.

Overall, the event was a success. Nobody complained much about the organizers. Rapture deserves
a pat on the back for a job well done in organizing the preliminaries.

Do you see professional gaming as a possible career path? Would your team consider going professional?

I can’t speak for everyone in the team, it’s their own option to take up professional gaming. As for me, I won’t put my hopes on professional gaming as I am still going to pursue my degree right after I ORD. But if there is an opportunity, I might give it a thought or two.

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