Daniel Rocks! An interview with O2Jam legend danielrOx


We caught up with danielrox, Singapore’s top ranked O2Jam player, in between awe-inspiring thousand-combo exhibition games and DDR-styled O2Dance events. He tells us more about himself and his involvement in O2Jam.

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Daniel, and I’m turning 16 this year. I’m currently schooling in Nan Chiau Secondary School.

How long have you been playing O2Jam?

About a year, almost as early as the beginning of the game itself.

You are currently the top ranked player in O2Jam. How did you attain this level of proficiency?

I play about 5 to 6 hours daily, non-stop. My clan also consistently plays the game together, thus, we are able to motivate each other.

Daniel did explicitly clarify that he didn’t allow playinig O2Jam 5-6 hours a day affect his school results. His strategy was to totally not login to the game server during exam periods. In this way, he could concentrate his energies and effort on the examination.

[size=1]Daniel (centre, in white shirt) with his clan, r0x.[/size][/center]

What motivates you to keep playing and to maintain your ranking?

I love the game music, and I play with my guild. It becomes a common thing, such that, You play, I play.

Do you play any other games?

Yes, too many to name actually. Perhaps the one that i should mentioned right now is Supreme Destiny, which is another MMORPG which has a strong emphasis on extensive character growth. The game has 12 hero classes, with 84 skills, 83 weapons and 34 armour sets to use..

How do you see professional gaming as a possible career path?

Maybe, it depends actually. The most important thing to take up professional gaming as a serious career is to consider the survivability of this career. If prize money is good, with a strong community backed by strong sponsors, being a professional sponsored player representing something would be a very viable option.

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