R.f- Silentscope Interview

This article was originally written by Joan “REfusion” Chin.

Silentscope introduces his clan of hardcore Counter-Strike players, who had represented Singapore in WCG2003, to Joan after the LanLab Online Cybercafe Preliminaries.

R.f-, also known as Rage Faction, is a friendly and approachable clan that needs no further introduction. Rage Faction is made up of 5 members who are aged between 16 and 22. The clan is led by Low Yoong Kuan aka Silentscope. His other clan members are Lee Guan Chung aka HuFFy-, Wong Heng Ian aka DarkJJ, Jared Tay Wen Guang aka Jared and Magnum Choy aka Magnum. T.

They got to know each another in a LAN shop and eventually formed the clan. Today, Rage Faction is 4 years old. Through time and experience, their Counter-Strike skills are up to standard and not to be trifled with. Some of them started as early as Beta 1 and some from Beta 5.5 onwards. But the time difference in the picking up of the game did not stop them from soaring high as a team. The team took 2 years of hazardous training in both LAN and on the internet to achieve teamwork and the high level of understanding amongst themselves.

They also told me that this year’s WCG event is not only for gaming but also for their families. The clan leader, Low Yoong Kuan, said that by winning competitions and cash prizes, professional gaming is a possible career path. R.f- team members are very enthusiastic to taking up games as professionals.

During the WCG match with cG, R.f- had good communication skills and great personal and team tactical skills but due to some unfortunate factors, they lost to cG by a thin margin.

R.f- is a clan that participated in several competitions before, like WCG 2003, GXL Season 1, and MYAO Malaysia. The R.f- clan leader, Yoong Kuan, also known as Silentscope is a man full of energy and commitment. From the way he leads his team, we know that r.F is achieving high and with great power. From here, on behalf of GameSync, I wish all the best and success to Rage Faction.

Let’s begin with an introduction of yourself. You are?

I am Yoong Kuan, clan leader of Rage Faction. I’m 21 this year. My clan members are mostly from 16 to 22 years old. Most come from Whitley secondary school and Temesak Poly.

How long have you been playing together?

We had been together for 4 years. Knew each other in a LAN shop. Now, we are good buddies.

Which versions of CS did you guys play?

All of us started from different betas. Some from beta 5.5, some started from beta 1.

How long did you bring a team together and play together as a team well. How did you guys do it?

We took about 2 years of hardcore training in both LAN and internet.

What did you think of the WCG Preliminaries this year? What was the best part of the event, and where do you it can be improved?

The idea was good as it attracts not only gamers but families as well.

How do you see professional gaming as a possible career path? Would your team consider going professional by winning competitions and cash prizes.

Yes, why not.

Have any of your clan members taken part in other gaming competitions?

Yes, we had joined several competitions before like WCG 2003, GXL Season 1, MYAO Malaysia and etc.

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