Interview: Xtr3me3 (FIFA 2005)

This article was originally written by Tanvir “Zymeth” Mohamed.

Mohammad Phirkhan, a.k.a. Xtr3me3, introduced himself as a 16-year old gamer who started gaming when he was 8 years old, alongside his brother. That’s 8 years of pure gaming goodness. He told us his favourite genre of games are RTS as well as sports games.

As we zoom into his encounter with FIFA, we got to know that Phirkhan had played FIFA since FIFA 98, and today with FIFA 2005. We asked him on how he actually trained to play FIFA at the competitive level in WCG.

How did you prepare for the WCG CyberCafe Preliminaries?

I trained online with some of my European friends.

How far do you think you can go for WCG this year?

I think with great support from my friends all over the world, as well as them pacing me in terms of training, I can go all the way to the international level.

How do you see professional gaming as a possible career path? Would you consider going professional?

Yes if i’m good enough to win many matches or get sponsored.

Have you won any other gaming competitons?

Yup, i’ve took part and won 3 FIFA Competitions:

  • Science Centre / Planet Games (Dec 2004)
  • Twice in Singapore FIFA Community / GameAxis (Jan-Feb 2005)

Will you continue gaming in the future after serving national service and studies?

Yes of course !

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