Match Report: WCG (Wk 3) DOTA Prelim Finals: DreamZ vs [e]L!Tes

This article was originally written by Ernest “xK” Sim.

Team Breakdown

DreamZ (Sentinel)

  • Keeper Of The Light
  • Prophet
  • Zeus
  • Silencer
  • Necrolyte

[e]L!Tes (Scourge)

  • Medusa
  • Magnataur
  • Centaur Warchief
  • Queen Of Pain
  • Morphling

Game Report

Early Game

DreamZ took [e]L!Tes by suprise when they took the top lane with all 5 heroes. [e]L!Tes had no time to regroup and defend and had to sacrifice 1 tower before they could regroup, knowing that if they left their respective lanes, they would lose out on the exp that the waves provided, and thus making the choice to defend at the second tower of
the top lane. DreamZ pushed very well in the start, with constant healing from Silencer and Necrolyte (Death Pulse), and constant spamming from Zeus (Chain Lightning) together with the Necrolyte once again with his Versatile Death pulse (Dealing damage and healing allies).

By the time [e]L!Tes grouped up to defend the second tower, it was already damaged pretty badly. [e]L!Tes tried to push back the Forces of DreamZ, but the Prophet constantly produced Treants on the onward push and also provided a separation of the retreating [e]L!Tes using Sprout, enabling them to quickly eliminate the single hero left behind. The Keeper of the Light was a supportive hero, casting massive amounts of chakra on his allies, providing a stream of mana for the pushing forces.

At the start, the Centaur Warchief was targetted since he was one of the most dangerous heroes on the team with its invaluable War Stomp, DreamZ successfully pushed all the way up till the last tower, but failed to take it down when all 5 of Elite’s heroes defended, the pushing force was annihilated after continuous amounts of rushing in and hitting towers, and because of the rashness, [e]L!Tes took the opportunity to take down both healers, namely the Silencer and the Necrolyte. With the healers taken down, another hero soon fell, in the end the remaining 2 had to retreat. After the [e]L!Tes successfully defended from the push, they split up to their respective lanes to gain more exp and gold, and await the other teams next move.

After DreamZ regrouped, they set out to push the top lane once again, moving across the map and manouvering through the river passage. Unfortunately, the Centaur Warchief was at the middle lane and he set out to the top lane through the same path, so he spotted the Prophet walking in the direction, and after a second face off with the Prophet the Centaur retreated, knowing that the whole DreamZ team was up ahead, and thus regrouping back in base.

DreamZ had managed to take down 2 towers at an average level of 2, [e]L!Tes were panicking and had to take down the heroes before they gathered a force large enough to push into the base, knowing that at level 3, the AoE spells (Area of Effect) could not do much harm to the creeps that were advancing, considering they had 2 healers, it would be very mana intensive to clear off the enemy forces, thus they gathered and isolated the weakest and key heroes once again, picking them off, with Stun (Centaur), Purge (Medusa) and Poison (Queen of Pain), they fell 1 by 1, failing to push into the base of the [e]L!Tes.

Mid Game

As the [e]L!Tes got used to their tactic, they prepared themselves once again, going back to their respective lanes and to gain the upperhand on Gold and Exp, giving them the Spell advantage. DreamZ being at a level difference of 1-2, had a difficult time taking the heroes 1 on 1, and had to retreat alot amidst the casualties. It seemed that the [e]L!Tes were getting stronger and stronger due to their Item advantages, and the morphling had learnt the War Stomp from the Centaur Warchief, and with 2 stunners in the team (1 with blink) it was extremely tough for DreamZ to get back on their feet and to farm up the Exp and Gold needed to be on par.

As they progressed into the Mid Game, [e]L!Tes had the upperhand when the Centaur finally got his Dagger of Escape, giving him the Blink ability. With the Morphling, they could inflict a stun up to 5seconds as they Stomped in succession, together with the Queen of Pains massive arsenal of Area of Effect Spells and the Morphlings Wave ability topped up with the Magnataurs Shockwave, DreamZ were taken by suprise and were knocked out with ease. DreamZ tried to split their forces out and to gain back the Valuable exp they lack, and try to close the level gap.

Unfortunately, the [e]L!Tes didnt allow that to happen, they took out the heroes easily because of the large advantage they had gotten, namely the Items. The Medusa had a Burize already, and the Morphling had 2 Ultimate Orbs, the Queen of Pain had an Ultimate Orb and a Point Booster, Centaur had the Dagger.

End Game

Although the Mid Game was not very intense, the [e]L!Tes were advancing forward in the middle lane and DreamZ had no ability to defend from the [e]L!Tes, this was because of the combination of heroes they had being not suitable for a large scale Mid-End game fight, on the other hand, the [e]L!Tes had superb end game heroes, meaning if they were to drag the game on, they would gain advantages the longer they stay in play.

The Medusa farmed quite well, managing to buy another Broadsword and Claws of Attack on top of his first Burize, amounting to a total of 79-85 +209 Damage (Pwnage) at level 17. At the end DreamZ knew that [e]L!Tes had sealed their Victory, and that it would be virtually impossible to win. After a long while of fighting inside the Sentinel Base, the Scourge finally took down the World Tree.


End Game Analysis: DreamZ started out with a good Tactic that suprised the other team, giving them an upperhand at the start, but I believe they were rushing to push and retreated too late, and as [e]L!Tes picked up, they gradually regained their strength and manage to push them back, and finally defeat them.

In my opinion, DreamZ were quite organised in terms of chat communication, but it hindered their playing a little while they had to manage their heroes and chat, whereas [e]L!Tes didnt compromise their Hero management to communication, and settled for speaking to each other, this i feel, was the key factor in how the teams differ. Both teams did well, but as we could see, [e]L!Tes emerged as the better amongst the 2 teams.

I hope this match has allowed DreamZ to identify their flaws and to improve as they are a worthy adversary. Last but not least, Congratulations to [e]L!Tes in their Victory.

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