Interview With Clan CuLt

Clan CuLt consists of Jerry Ng (CuLt.xSecretsx), who was absent today, Mark Chen (CuLt.XiaoRen), Benjamin Koh (CuLt.Furies), Benny Lim (CuLt.Vengeance) and Jacob Koh (CuLt.Triton). Jacob and Benjamin have been playing DotA since version 3.21, and Mark and Benny since version 5.64.

During the WCG DotA qualifiers, despite being short of one man, Clan CuLt managed to hold back DreamZ for nearly 45 minutes. This was in no small part thanks to the shared experience, close bond and teamwork that Clan CuLt has, having been friends for more than 5 years. We invited Clan CuLt to tell us more about themselves, and their opinion of WCG this year.

When did you set up your team?

We formalized ourselves into a team 3 weeks ago.

How did your team prepare for the WCG preliminaries?

We basically played it for fun and leisure, and were willing to try new heroes and builds.

Despite playing the match outnumbered 4 v 5, your team put up a fierce and spirited resistance to DreamZ. How did you feel about the game?

Morphling was taken and our formation was forced to change. They farmed fast and pumped items on Medusa, taking full advantage of our disadvantage in numbers. Before the game, we thought we would be able to sub in someone to replace Jerry, but we were not allowed to.

How far do you think your team can go for WCG this year?

We are aiming for the semi-finals.

What do you think of WCG this year compared to the previous year?

(Jacob) Last year’s referees were very lenient compared this year’s. For example, last year, at the end of the match you could complain that the keyboard was faulty and get a restart of the match without penalty. No such thing this year. Also, punctuality was more strictly enforced.

How do you see professional gaming as a possible career path?

Our team would definitely consider going professional, but we have to factor in our studies, parental support as well as availability of sponsorship.

Will your team continue to play and game together even after completing your studies and your National Service obligations?

Yes, definitely!

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