Interview With DotA Clan SF

This article was originally written by Tanvir “Zymeth” Mohamed.

GameSync captured the DotA Allstars rush going down at Asteroids at the WCG CyberCafe Preliminaries (Week 5) and interviewed Clan SF. Clan SF is made up of Shawn Ling Shi Jun aka Bread-, Yong Bin Jie aka DuhDuh, Choong Mun Choi Allan aka Kaka321, Royce Rahardja aka FLYSHOW and leader Lin Wei Jun John aka S4iNt.

Lets start with an introduction!

We’re all friends and been playing Dota for 4 months for competition

How did you train together as a team?

We played against Gaia,E-net and in Malaysia through arranged matches but never together since we all got real life obligations (NS/O level/JC) and we also watched replays

How did you team prepare for the WCG preliminaries?

We’re knowledge based so we study tactics and particularly details of each hero and what they could do together with teaming up other heroes.

Sorry to hear the loss of your match today. Will you come back for the Open Nationals?

Possibly, unless the dates conflict with exam dates.

Do you have any suggestions on anything you would like to be changed or improved in WCG?

No /all pick as it makes the game decided on which team is able to get the best heroes, a real DotA player does not base his ability on the hero he chooses but by being able to play well on any hero.

That’s an interesting thought. How do you see pro gaming as a possible career path and would your team consider going pro?

We would have to say no because we’re not really able to get the connections and links to really go pro.

Thank you for the interview!

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