Interview With Fatal Exception

This article was originally written by Tanvir “Zymeth” Mohamed.

We interviewed Fatal Exception after their spectacular match agaianst EoN over @ Head Quarters today for WCG CyberCafe Preliminaries (the only match for today) and gained some insight into FE.

Ahh…. Fatal Exception requires no Introduction, but for the sake of the website could you introduce yourself?

(!!)NuMb5KulL: Hey there i’m Eugene Koh and i’m the clan leader. Members include:

  • (!!)Shijie, Xiong Shijie
  • (!!)Scorpion, Eric Lim
  • (!!)LousySniper, Bernard
  • (!!)Chrisj, Chrisj Fussner
  • (!!)WindBorn, Martin Ko

How long have you been playing Counter-Strike as a team?

For Counter-Strike, its been since it became popular about year 2000 and for CS:S for about 1 month.

How did your team prepare for the Wcg Preliminaries?

We played on public servers together for about twice a week in Cybercafe’s and from home, more from home though because some of us are in National Service and are working also.

How far do you think your team can go for WCG this year?

We’re trying to go All Da Way but our minimum target is to reach Semi finals this year. ( FE was in the Quarter Finals in last Year’s WCG)

What do you think of WCG prelimanaries this year? What was the best part of the event and where do you think it can be improved?

We believe that there should not be too many rounds spread over too long a period just for Round 1 of the competition, also we would have appreciated substitutions in case one of the members fell sick or could not be able to make it in time for the event. Another peeve would be to allow our own mouse drivers to be implemented as we’re all used to our own scheme for playing the game.

Anything else you would like to add?

What ever happened to all Girl’s League? It be pretty amazing to see women participating in WCG as we’re getting used to female gamers playing now.

Have you thought about becoming a professional gamer?

We have thought about it but our answer would be a “Not yet” as Singapore’s market is not as big as in the Western countries and it doesn’t seem viable to go Professional.

When did you setup your clan and how did you meet up?

(After some serious discussion about connecting each other from various clans, Schools, gaming online and deducing that it woud take about 3 pages to link them up together)

We met on Friendster.

Any memers of your clan participated in other clans before joining up together as Fatal Exception?

Numbskull : iNc

Shijie : iNc

Scorpion : Elites

LousySniper : HBF

Chrisj : HBF

WindBorn : PWA

Any members of your clan won any gaming compeitions?

Numbskull : Too many to remember, but that was before i was enlisted in the SAF…

Shijie : 3rd in Asteriods Cybercafe

LousySniper : Xstat 1st place – 2003 WCG 2nd – 2004 WCG 4th

What was the most memorable moments in today’s match against EoN?

Numbskull : I didn’t tk any of my teammates but stealing their guns was just as fun!

Shijie : Numbskull stole my gun and ran away! I was shouting for it back but he just kept quiet…

Scorpion : LousySniper threw the Famas to me and when he asked for a gun, i threw it back to him but he wanted an AWP….The greedy A**!

LousySniper : I Shouted: “HOW MUCH MONEY?” Scorp replied: “FINISH ALREADY” then i realised that the match finished…….

WindBorn : “Numb! Don’t go for the frag!” (Numb Galli’ed the last terrorist with a Headshot)

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