Joint Interview With R2V and Isidore

{mosimage – articles/isi-r2v.jpg| R2V (left) and Isidore outside Head Quarters }

This article was originally written by Tanvir “Zymeth” Mohamed.

We managed to secure 2 A(nova veterens, A([R2V] and A([Isidore] playing against each other for WCG right here in Head Quarters, here’s the joint interview after the ir 1v1 match.

Lets start with an introduction. Give us a description of yourself?

R2V : I’m Daryl Wong, a social gamer who’s been playing Warcraft 3 together with Isidore since July 2002.

Isidore : I’m Benedict Chan, Social Gamer also and i like playing all types of games except console games.

Erm…Why don’t you play console games?

Isidore : Come on! Consoles run on like 700mhz CPU’z and 2nd generation Graphic cards not to mention barely any multiplayer….

R2V : hahahahaha….

How did both of you prepare for WCG Prelims?

Both : We just played against each other a few times for the past 2 days

R2V : I had the advantage against him hehe…

How far do you think both of you can go for WCG this year?

Isidore : I just like to play for fun and i just lost to R2V here so it doesn’t really matter to me much.

R2V : hahaha…I’m trying to go as far as i possibly can. I’d also like to compete with Fly from clan aLt, meet up with the best players in Singapore and compete against them.

What do you think of the WCG Prelimanaries this year?

R2V : At first i thought it was a very rushed affair, but as i participated in the event I realised alot of plannning went into it.

Do you see professional gaming as a possible career path?

R2V : Not for me because i believe once you turn pro you’ll be playing for money and not for fun anymore which makes the word ‘gaming’ turn into ‘work’.

Isidore : I just like to play for fun and judging from my performace against R2V here I dun think i stand a chance….

Haha, so what is your most memorable moment playing against each other today?

Isidore : When i realised that it was Deja Vu losing against R2V 2 days ago while training with him…

R2V : Mmmmm…Sweet Sweet Nostalgia on Deja Vu.

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