Interview With Team [e]L!Tes

[e]L!Tes had previously made a name for themselves in the local Counter-Strike competitive scene some time ago, so I was surprised to see them taking part in the WCG Cybercafe Preliminaries as a DotA team. It is apparent that their competitive edge has not left them, as they came back after being pushed back early game by the crowd favourite, DreamZ, to win the DotA Week 3 Cybercafe Preliminary.

Lee Wei Siong (Maki-), Desmond Tan Chun Peng (ds-), Wu Shin Wei (RaMz-), Lee Jan Yin Gavin (Elwe-) and Jeffrey Ng Kok Leong (CaFz-) make up the [e]L!Tes DotA team.

How did your team get to know each other?

Some of us were schoolmates and played together at LanLab. We got to know the rest in World of Warcraft and we all played on the same server. It’s been 6 months since our current team has been together, and we have played many games besides DotA and World of Warcraft, including Final Fantasy XI, Maple Story, ROSE Online, Ragnarok Online, Shattered Galaxy, and many more. Mostly MMOs.

Have any of your team members won any gaming competitions?

We got 3rd at WCG 2003 and 2004.

How have you been training up for WCG?

We’ve been playing DotA together 2 months, mainly on Lancraft. Apart from WCG, we also joined GxL. Just purely for fun.

How far do you think your team can go for WCG this year?

We are aiming for the top 3 spots.

What do you think of the WCG Preliminaries this year?

It was well organized and there was more time between matches, and more flexibility while still following the rules set out in a fair manner.

How do you feel about professional gaming as a career path? Would your team consider going professional?

We play for fun mostly. Don’t think there’s much prospect in terms of pro gaming in Singapore.

Will you continue gaming and playing together in the future?

Yes. We’ll always be in contact as we’re all friends.

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