MSN Interview With [SkuD]MeaghaN!

This article was originally written by Tanvir “Zymeth” Mohamed.

We interview the [SkuD]MeaghaN! over MSN sometime after Week 1 of the WCG Cybercafe Preliminaries.

Let’s start with an introduction. Who are you, and what clan are you from?

I’m Weijie, also known as MeaghaN!, 17 this year studying in RJC. I’m from Team [SkuD], members include: [Skud]SaintFire (Kasyfi Rahman), [Skud] AnThraX (Reedwan Chupree), [Skud] WeaPon (Sean Poon), [Skud] eXactoR! (Ken Tan) and we do not see the need to have a leader as we’re friends, but when it comes to handling admin matters saiNtFire(StFr) would help us as he is the oldest amonst us.

How long has your team been playing Counter-Strike: Source together? Did your team also play Counter-Strike together?

We have been playing source only about 1 week before the actual competition itself, but CS 1.6 for about four months together, since the end of December when eXactoR! and I decided to form [SkuD] from 7eaM.[InD], which AnthraX and humaR were from too.

How long did you practice as a team before joining the competition?

As mentioned earlier, we’ve been training seriously almost everyday if everyone could make it, but it was online 1.6 only. Only about a month or so after getting together before we decided to go LAN at CRC, Toa Payoh. We had our bad times in matches, quarrelling over minute things but our friendship grew stronger each time. Although we’ve been together only for 4 months, our friendship have blossomed and we have become dependent on each other during situations in matches and our friendship is the key factor in our teamwork.

How did your team prepare for the WCG preliminaries?

As there aren’t many source teams around, we continued playing 1.6 unless StFr managed to find a team willing to train with us, but that’s mainly online as not all CRC computers have Source installed in them. But we always try to get computers with Source installed, training our firepower for about a week or two before the preliminaries.

How would you describe your team’s performance in WCG?

We lost to a well organized cG team, but we’ll learn from mistakes we’ve made. Moreover this is our first competition together, and for most of us our first competition. We’ll train on source and 1.6 simultaneously, and hopefully we would be ready for either the 8 weeks preliminaries or the one in September. We hope to achieve a top 4 if we do qualify, but hard work has to be put in in order to achieve that.

What did you think of the WCG preliminaries this year?

The atmosphere was good, with all teams in the event showing great sportsmanship and determination. New faces were seen in the tournaments, and if I’m not wrong, there were a team with teenagers around the age of 14 playing and showing great teamwork and firepower.

What was the best part about the event?

The experience everyone gained from it, and the friends we made.

How do you think the event can be improved?

The mouse space at LanLab is limited, and 3 of our team members had to tilt their mousepad in order to play. Also, we couldn’t sit together and it would be hard to give out a command as i had to strain three seats away to view his screen. However, the competetion is an overall success. Credit must go to the marshals for their technical assistance
and the sponsors and organisors for making this happen.

Do you see professional gaming as a possible career path? Would your team consider going professional?

If we had the chance to, definitely. Professional gaming overseas is a very common thing, but in Asia, its not that rampant yet. However, more sponsors are coming over to Asia and it would surely help in developing gaming as a career. The recent sponsorship to Team TitaNs is the best evidence.

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