Interview with SMR/Social Massacre

This article was originally written by Tanvir “Zymeth” Mohamed.

Social Massacre (SMR) is made up of leader Samuel Wong aka SMR.Eyeball^z, Brandon Phua aka SMR.Brandon!, Jeremy Teo aka SMR.Jabroni, Jeremy Tan aka SMR.5uphfly and Donald Yeo aka SMR.Avena^B|urz. Their motto: ‘What should we do ah?’ ‘I think we chiong ah!’.

Introduction ppl?

Old Skool gamers started 1998-1999 and became friends through Counter-Strike

How did your team prepare for WCG Prelim?

Honestly we didn’t pactice muc but what got us though was experience and luck. We understand each other well enough to complement each other.

How far do you think your team can go for WCG this year?

Our expected target would be quarterfinals but our real main goal is to get the nice T-shirt LOL!

How do you see pro gaming as a possible career path?

I would say its too early to say yes mostly because there is no foundation for it eg. monthly tournament, no publicity and not enough Government support.

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