DoW: OiunnD

Interview with OiunnD


Damien Koh

Nick Nama/Clan Nama?

OiunnD….Dun ask

Intro Bro…

Studying in ITE Dover, been gaming for many years lol. I play mostly FPS and RTS games. 19 yrz old

How long have you been playing DOW?

About a year now

Did you make any effort at all to prepare for WCG Prelims?

Of CoUrSe! I practised abit at home a couple of weeks before the prelims started.

How far do you think you can go for WCG this year?

Hope to just enter the main WCG event, I do not think too seriously of winning.

What do you think of WCG Prelims this year?

The Lan shop that was chosen to hold this event was top-notch and everything was well organized…the mice and keyboards could have been improved with better types though….

How do you see pro gaming as a possible…Work till you grow old path?

Yez i have and I still cannot answer that question

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