DoW: TE|Ravana

This article was originally written by Tanvir “Zymeth” Mohamed.

Name: Dennis Ooi
Clan/Nick: TE|Ravana (Team Extreme)


19yrz old, Studying in Nanyang Poly awaiting to start 3rd year.

How long have you been gaming and what games are you playing currently?

Been gaming for too many years, current gaming favs are Dawn of War, Starcraft (yeah old skool) and World of Warcraft.

Prepared for WCG Prelim?

3-4 times a week for about 4hours each and actively on Dawn of War ladder.

Did this thought (how far can I go?) creep into your mind?

Yea…thought about that and i hope…yea hope…to go really really far.

What do you think of the WCG Prelims this year?

From what i have observed its being more well managed, but this could be due to a smaller amount of ppl competing unlike countries that have many many more participants.

How do you see yourself as a PRO gamer?

Professional gaming is still in its young stages but there is a future but not for me…

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