Interview With Ast.Rjc.Wonky

This article was originally written by Jason “cjc81” Chin.

After a gruelling match, we pulled Sean aka Wonky to one corner outside HQ, and had a chit chat with him on gaming. We grabbed a few chairs, sat down, exchange hellos, and first asked him to give us an introduction of himself.

Sean told us he is turning 17 this year, currently pursuing an A level cert in Raffles Junior College.  According to his friends, he is a friendly chap who plays tennis other than computer games. He is also an avid soccer fan.

How long have you been playing Warcraft III?

I started playing WarCraft III since 2002 since its launched. Other than playing strategy games like WarCraft, I play FPS titles like CounterStrike also.

How did you prepare for the WCG Preliminaries?

I trained extensively at home, spending many hours on Besides that, my school also provided a good environment to practice in, as RJC have a Cyber Games club that allows gamers to take computer gaming as a CCA.

How far do you think you can proceed for WCG this year?

I personally have a strong wish to go all the way to the finals and win it.

How did you find WCG CyberCafe Preliminaries this year?

I find it very well organised, and executed very efficiently. I would like to suggest to the organisers to find a better way of informing participants the match timings.

Personally, what do you think is the best part of this event?

The best part was to be able to meet up with all the tip top fellows in the gaming community and have the opportunity to compete with them.

How do you see professional gaming as a possible career path?

I find it a very interesting and appealing career which I would definitely be willing to take it up if possible. When i do become pro, I would bring up the gaming community in Singapore and make it a well known country for professional gaming.

Some information about your clan, when did you setup your clan and how did you guys first meet up with each other?

My clan is clan RJC, which was started only this year when the clan RI guys joined the CyberGaming CCA. We all met up as we were classmates and friends in RI who played WarCraft III. We started playing among ourselves during our free time and during CCA hours.

Will you continue to game and keep your clan active in the future after national service and studies?

Yes, I’ll continue to balance my studies with gaming and our clan will most likely be together in the future as we see each other in school all the time. Our friendship extends beyond games.

That’s fantastic. Do keep us informed of any new gaming endaevours you’ll be taking up and we’ll be more than happy to see you grow and contribute to the gaming community as a whole.

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