Luige from Mas-1: WCG NFSU2

A rare Interview on a Malaysian WCG Champion for Need for Speed Underground 2

Zy: Hi there and thanks for allowing Gamesync to interview you! First up, could you introduce yourself?

Heya! I’m Tang Chee Keong (Luige) from Malaysia/Kuala Lumpur, currently studying in College, Academy of TV3, multimedia. I am the champion for Need for speed Underground in WCG Malaysia 2004.

Wow! How long have you been playing Need for speed?

Ever since Hot pursuit 2 came out.

Could you give us some tips on how did you prepare for WCG?

I train 2 hours daily online and against the best players which are from Europe because they have serious passion for cars.

How far do you think you can go for WCG this year?

My sights are at being Champion again.

What is the difference between Singapore and Malaysia’s WCG?

In Malaysia there are more participants and its more competitive than Singapore but less prize money.

How do you see professional gaming as a possible career path and would you consider going pro?

Personally I would not go pro in Malaysia as there is lack of support from the Government but if there are oppurtunities elsewhere I would not hesitate.

Are you part of a clan?

Yes, Mas-1.

Thank you for your time and we wish you a zooming competition ahead!

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