Vital Sign: GunBusters Interview

This article was originally written by Tanvir “Zymeth” Mohamed.

Zymeth was curious one day about VS and the players who played the game all for money and managed to get a joint interview with 2 players on a peculiar Saturday Afternoon…

Lets start with an introduction. Care to give us a description of yourself?

Hi there I’m Lee Guang Wei / CoMC from Gunbusters(GB) and I’m currently studying in Republic Poly(communications and automation electronics) and I like to play online games as my hobby.

Allow me to introduce my friend Raymond Lee / gUaRDian also from GB who is an outgoing, active and is waiting to enter ITE(Electronics Engineering).

How do both of you know each other?

We both came from Sengkang Secondary School and we’ve known each other for 6 years due to our interest in gaming.

When did both of you start playing Vital Sign?

When we first heard about it near the end of November when the game was launched and been playing ever since. Then we were invited to join Igamesasia sponsored clan Gunbusters when we won in their competitions

Which competition did both of you win within Vital Sign?

Raymond: I came in 1st in the December Team DM (Deathseeker)

Guang Wei: I also came in first but in the January Team DM (Project-X)

How do both of you see professional gaming as a possible career?

Guang Wei: Personally I would prefer to study first as a backup and if I see any opportunity then I would possibly go pro.

Raymond: Pretty much the same for me between studies and Vital sign for now haha!

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