Interview With Sialah From Clan Less

This article was originally written by Jason “cjc81″ Chin.

After a tough match earlier today @ Asteroids in WCG CyberCafe Preliminaries, we had a good chat with DotA Clan, clan less. Clan less is made up of Renewious, peapilot, AFKNoob, [email protected], and last but not least, Marvin Lai aka Sialah, the clan leader.

Marvin introduced his clan, clanless, as a clan with players aged between 17-25. Four out of the five players are currently NTU undergraduates, while the 17-year old player pursuing his diploma in a local polytechnic.

After further chit chat with clanless, we got to know that today was the very first time the players actually met in person. It was a good shock for us to find out that this clan only played together twice as training and today’s match is actually the third game they’re playing together. (And they managed to win today’s preliminaries and get seeded) This shows their ability to quickly develop good communications with each other in the team.

How did you get to know each other, and how long have you been playing DotA together?

Today is actually the third time we played as a team. A couple of us are actually personal friends, and we got to know the rest of the team on Battle.Net. Most of us played DotA personally before forming this team. When we came together, most of us are already pretty experience, so its a matter of putting it all together.

How far do you think can go for WCG this year?

We’re very pleased with our performance today, considering the relatively short amount of time we spent training together. With more training and knowing each other more, we’ll take it one step at a time, moving to the finals.

What did you think of the WCG Preliminaries this year?

We did run into a few technical issues during our matches. During one of the matches, one of our computers actually dropped out of the game, which gave us a disadvantage as only 4 players were playing against our opponent of 5 players. Despite that, it was fortunate that we managed to win.

What was the best part, besides winning, of the event?

The best part to us is to be able to meet and play with each other.

On behalf of GameSync, we congratulate you and wish you all the best all the way in WCG 2005.


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