Interview With FLYSHOW


This article was originally written by Tanvir “Zymeth” Mohamed.

We caught up with Royce “FLYSHOW” Rahardja outside Asteroids Cyber after the World Cyber Games (WCG) 2005 Cyber Cafe Warcraft III preliminaries ended on Sunday.
Let’s start with an introduction. Can you give us a description of yourself

My name is Royce Rahardja, aka FLYSHOW. I’m 18 this year and I’m attending a Business Administration course in MDIS.

How long have you been playing Warcraft III?

I’ve been playing Warcraft III since it was released.

You didn’t have any walkovers and had to fight your way through 3 other guys to win the 1st round. How did you do it, and did you have any particular tactics?

There isn’t any particular tactic to follow. You just need to know how to micromanage your units, know when to attack, when not to attack. You need to know where the creeps are, and know where the enemy hero is creeping.

Do you think you’ll make it past the next round in the cyber cafe preliminaries?

Well, I don’t want to be overconfident again. I made some mistakes in the past due to my overconfidence.

What do you think of pro gaming in Singapore?

Pro gaming is not something that will happen in Singapore. Education still takes precedence here. Perhaps more in countries like Korea? Still, if there’s a path, I’d definitely go for it.

What do you think of the local competitive scene in Singapore for Warcraft III?

It’s not too good. Compared to five years ago there are fewer players. You could even say there are not enough players. Most of the better players have quit, except for one or two.

Lastly, any tips for people looking to make it in Warcraft III competitively?

Practice makes perfect. Also, watch replays and learn from the better players.

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