WCG : NFSU2 Players from Malaysia

Joint Interview by Zy and Mata at Asteroids WCG Prelim

Heya! Could we have an introduction?

Hi! My name is Sophian (FoRza) together with my friend Syefri Zulkefli(Chapree). We’re both studying in college currently and we met together when Clan Mas-1 started their own online league.

Thats nice. How long have you 2 been playing Need for Speed?

Sophian: NFS:Porche Unleashed

Syefri: NFS2

How did both of you prepare for WCG Prelims?

We played against each other and online for about 7hrs a time 3 times a week.

How do you think you will fare in WCG?

Sophian: Probably untill i play against Luigi(< wax WCG 2003 Malaysian NFSU Champ) then i’ll see how hahaha!

Syefri: Since i lost to Sophan today i’ll just watch him compete against Luigi hahaha!

What is in your opinion the standard of play between Singapore and Malaysia?

We believe we have a better chance to reach top spot playing against Singaporeans than Malaysians

How do you see professional gaming as a possible career path and would you go pro?

We would probably agree that the scene in Malaysia is such that our answer is a “Not Yet” as there’s the perception of being a pro gamer is not recognised as a viable career and there’s no real support or backing.

Thanks for granting us the Interview and wish you both the best of luck!

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