Fatal Exception Interview

This article was originally written by Manfred “HellJumper” Phua.

Fatal Exception (FE), the team that needs no introduction due to their legendary players, won the World Cyber Games AMD Cyber Cafe Preliminary Finals despite having only 4 players due to player unavailability issues. Their line up for the competition was: Numbskull, Windborn, Shijie and LousySniper. We managed to get a short interview with them after their win.

So, how does it feel to have won the WCG Cyber Cafe Finals?

LousySniper: Not much emotions actually. Feels like winning any other competition.

WindBorn: We actually expected to win with 5 players, but turns out we still own with 4 players.

Who do you think was the man-of-the-match in your team?

All: We believe that without each other we wouldn’t have made it.

Despite a 4v5 situation, how did you manage to pull off such a win?

WindBorn: Because of the toin coss (LousySniper started the coin toss/toin coss thing)

All: (laugh)

WindBorn: And few clans train Aztec, so that mainly attributed to our win.

You guys seemed nervous before the match, so how were you guys feeling in the match?

Numbskull: Nervous.

LousySniper: Had a bad start at first but slowly I found my confidence to frag them.

WindBorn: Was very nervous at the start, but when Shijie started joking, I lightened up.

So what was the best moment of the day, besides the prize giving of course?

All: Numbskull had negative frag!!! (laugh)

Numbskull: I had a bad day, that’s all.

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