VirtuaLeague Updates

Here are some quick updates on Day 2 and Day 3 of VirtuaLeague 2005.

[b]Day 2 (Friday, 5th August 2005)[/b]
Both the 8ix. vs Pandemonium match and the Blaze.X3b vs S2K match were postponed due to technical problems on the server. Before that, S2K were unhappy with the match arrangement. S2K felt that Blaze.X3b had an unfair advantage as they were playing in a LAN shop and could communicate even during death.

[b]Day 3 (Saturday, 6th August 2005)[/b]
TitaNs won FE 16-1 in the first match of the day. It was an eventful match as it was discovered that the server config (cvars) was not up to the specified competition standard, such as forcechasecam and mp_tkpunish. The match was boycotted by both sides and the VirtuaLeague staff went in to properly set everything up. After the match settings on the server was up, both teams restarted the match. However, technical difficulties soon surfaced, and both keeps had to keep rejoining the server in order to continue the match, totally disrupting any eco plans and the general momentum of the game.

In the other matches, M4d vs XTC ended up in favour of M4d by a margin of 16-2, while SG Poly won Ash 16-7 in a hard fought first half and a decisive consecutive 8 round victory in the second half. Pandemonium and 8ix. had a rematch at a LAN shop and Pandemonium triumphed 16-7 over 8ix.

For more in-depth details, visit the Team TitaNs website, which was the source for these updates.
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GameSync apologizes for the lack of updates over the past few days, as all our staff were busy with their other commitments.

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