MapleSEA GM Event Announced, Aquila Full

The MapleSEA Event Manager has announced that from 1st September 2005 to 4th September 2005, there will be a 4 day GM event on Bootes server. The event will take place on channels 12 and 14, from 2.30pm to 9.30pm (gmt +8) each day. Click on the read more link below to view the full annoucement.

Also, the MapleSEA Admin made an announcement stating that Aquila has reached maximum capacity and due to current technology is not further expandable. All Maplers are requested to start a new character on Bootes for a better playing experience.

Direct from [url=]MapleSEA News[/url]:

Dear Maplers,

From 1st September 2005 (Thursday) to 4th September 2005 (Sunday), there will be 4 days GM Event at BOOTES! The event will take place at channel 12 and 14. Opening hours have been extended to run 8 hours per day from 1430HRS to 2130HRS (+8 GMT).

We will be having:

[b]Ola Ola[/b]
Ola Ola is a guessing game. Participants are to find the correct exit within a maze in the forest within limited timeframe. There is only 1 correct exit, so you have to select your path wisely. You will not be equipped with any other skills or ability within the game except walking (no jumping, no teleporting, no haste etc).

Any participants who have found the correct exit within the limited timeframe will win the game.

[b]Hyper Dash[/b]
Dash your way through all 4 stages of obstacles within the limited timeframe. Jump to your heart content and win yourself the Devil’s Scroll!

Any participants who cleared all 4 stages within the limited timeframe will win the game.

Get yourself prepared for the thrilling 32 hours GM event now!

* Please expect disconnection due to player’s own bandwidth capacity.

– MapleSEA Event Manager

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