GXL Season 3 Finals

This article was originally written by Shawn “LoOnEyToOnZ” Ho.

After a shortened season, GXL Season 3 has finally ended. With the conclusion of all the matches, we are at the summit of things. If the past teaches us anything, then we’ll remember that GXL Finals is always a passionate affair. This time around, it’ll be made even better with the re-introduction of the GXL Ring. The winners of each category will take home with them a GXL Ring as a commemoration of their effort and achievements.

Location: Funan IT Mall Atrium
Date: 27th – 28th August
Time: 10 AM – 8 PM
Prize Presentation: Sunday, 28th August 2005. 6:00 PM

You can view more details and matchups here: http://www.gxleague.com/news/default.asp?id=93&at=0

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