Virtualeague Season 1 Finals

This article was originally written by Michael “XtReM|St`” Phee.

The LAN Finals will be held at Lanlab Online (Bukit Timah) to see the 8 special teams who battled out from 4 groups online to come to a stage to battle it out for top prizes on LAN!

These teams are namely (not in any order): Blaze.X3, 4R, Pandemonium!, Blaze.xeb3, TitaNs, Fatal Exceptions, RageFaction, Cube.

There would be a briefing for the 8 team leader’s at #virtualeague @ 8.15pm this coming tuesday regarding the Finals.

My prediction of team placings:
1st – TitaNs
2nd – Fatal Exception
3rd – Blaze.X3
4th – RageFaction
5th – 4R
6th – Pandemonium!
7th – Blaze.xeb3
8th – Cube

I cant wait for this exciting Finals to happen. This is the first ever CS-Source local league tournament Finals held in Singapore, with great computer specs at Lanlab Online, this event would be an happening! Do come down & support these 8 teams & also the CS-Source community!

Note: These are just views from the writer & no intentional harm or discrimination was intended.

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