HQ DotA Allstars 5.84c Tournament

Headquarters will be running a DOTA competition at it’s new Prinsep Street outlet this coming Oct. The prizes are very attractive, with the top team taking home $1000 in cash and 100 free hours in play time at HQ. Registration fee is $35 per team, and free membership to HQ will bw given to each team member upon registration. Registration will be closing on the 6th of October, interested teams can pick up registration forms from HQ.

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Tournament Details

Competition Dates

16, 23 & 30 October 2005 (Sundays)

Reporting Time

8.30am-9.15am. Any team who reports late on the day of competition will be automatically disqualified.


Registration Fee: $35 per team (5 players per team)

Closing Date: 12 October 2005

Free membership will be given to each team member upon registration.


Head Quarters Cyber Café
60 Prinsep Street
Singapore 188664


General Rules

Competition Method: 5 vs. 5

Map Version: DOTA Allstars 5.84c

Game Type: AP (All Pick)

Game Rules

  1. Only 1 Manta Style is allowed to be purchase for a team. Any team who purchase more than one Manta Style will be given the warning and asked to discard the 2nd Manta Style. If the 2nd Manta Style has been used then the team will be given a match loss instead of a warning.
  2. Manta Style is not be used on Medusa on any occasion. Team violating this rule will be given a match loss.
  3. Backdoor tactics (teleport right into the back/sides of enemy base) by any hero is banned. However, teleporting outside the edge of the base is allowed.
  4. Walking into the back of the base is not considered as backdooring hence it is allowed.


  1. Best of 1 game. Completely destroy the tree or the throne of your opponent or your opponent concedes the game.
  2. Game will start with coin toss. Teams who win coin toss will chooses the side which they want to start and create the game.
  3. Team creating the game must remember to set the game to AP mode.
  4. At the end of the match, players must maintain the final screenshots and receive confirmation from the referee.
  5. Team members are not allowed to change seat once DOTA map started to load.


  1. Any team members who intentionally drop out of the game might cause that member’s team to be given a game loss for that game. Appeal can be made but decision by the referee will be final.
  2. If the game hangs, do not change anything and leave the screen as it is. Notify the referee immediately.
  3. If any players are disconnected within 5 minutes after game starts then the game has to restart.
  4. If any players are disconnected after 5 min after game starts then the game will continue.
  5. Game will restarts if all player’ system hangs or game cannot
    continue because of game hang. Other wise rule 3 and rule 4 applies.

Penalty for Unfair Play

  1. Use of any cheat program
  2. Intentional disconnection
  3. Racist remarks, uses of bad language, un-sportsman/unprofessional like behavior.
  4. Upon discovery of player or team coming violation to the rules it
    will be regarded as unfair play and it will be up to the referee’s
    decision to determine if the team or player is to be ejected.

International uses of Game/Program Bugs

Any uses of bugs can result in warning or game loss. Repeated offenses can result in ejection from the event or even game ban.

Rules are subjected to modification in the following aspect.

Use of most recent patch/version release of each official game within Head Quarters’s own discretion.

In game settings and required factors necessitated by use of most recent patch version/release

Game settings and/or operations guidelines dictated by differences between online and offline tournaments.

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