WCG 2005 CSS Qualifying Predictions

This article was originally written by Michael “XtReM|St`” Phee.

The World Cyber Games 2005 is just 3 days away from the opening ceremony! Please visit the WCG Singapore Counter-Strike: Source brackets at http://sg.worldcybergames.com/images/nfcompy/css.jpg

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Predictions for qualification:

Group 1: Fatal Exception
Group 2: Blaz[3].xEb[3]
Group 3: USD
Group 4: Ve7
Group 5: TitaNs
Group 6: r4
Group 7: Covert Ghost
Group 8: |PdM™|
Group 9: 8ix.
Group 10: RF
Group 11: Team869
Group 12: [GBR]

Hot favourites to win WCG 2005 css championship:

Fatal Exception, TitaNs, Covert Ghost, RF, [GBR]

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