10pm: The Day Before WCG Opening Night

It’s 10 pm and the set up for the World Cyber Games 2005 Singapore National Championship Finals are taking shape now. Work is still going on, but the atmosphere of chaos has now become more ordered and even serene, compared to earlier.

The carpentry and construction work on the vendor booths are now mostly done, with most only doing minor touch ups. The Samsung booth still looks as impressive as ever, despite both the Logitech and AMD booths also putting up a good show. Products willl only be placed on display tomorrow, when preparations enter into the final leg coming up to the opening ceremony.

The stage area is now fully set up, with the backdrop and monitors set up. Local band Crossbred is now doing the sound check for the sound system as I’m writing this. They will be performing at Cyberock 2005 tomorrow, after the opening ceremony of WCG Singapore, along with Ronin and other local rock bands, so do come down and suppport your local acts! From what I hear, Crossbreed definitely sounds good, and the headline performance of the night, Ronin, needs no introduction as they are legends of the local rock scene in Singapore.

The competition area is now entering the final stages of set up. The big blue WCG balloon has gone up above the server cluster, the Xbox kiosks have been set up, and the A-boards partitioning the competition area from the public area has been put in place. Staff from Ablerex are connecting the last of their Ablerex Blade UPS to the PCs. Software testing on the competition rigs are now in progress. The network engineer has finished setting up the LAN network, and is now fine tuning the network management software. As a sidenote, the network is gigabit ethernet.

To give competitors an idea of the kind of set up they will be playing with, the computers are running on an AMD Athlon64 S939 4000+, with 1GB of DDR400 RAM. Graphics are powered by a Sparkle PCI Express x16 nVidia 6600 256MB, and sound is powered by Creative’s Audigy2 ZS sound card. The Vantec Stealth Cashing is pleasing to the eye. Keyboard is the Logitech Internet Desktop Black, with the MX310 mouse, also from Logitech. Keyboard and mouse are placed upon a Barracuda Juggernaut, providing an excellent mousing surface as well as acting as a non-slip surface for the keyboard. Headsets are also provided by Logitech, and speakers are 2.1 versions from Creative. The monitor is a 17 inch Samsung CRT flat screen dispaly.

The marshalls and staff from Rapture Gaming are on a dinner break now. They have been busy packing the goodies into the goodie bags. I was helping out as well, and I can tell you packing over 600 goodie bags is just no fun. Well only 400 more to go… Just a preview of the goodie bags, inside are the WCG t-shirt, a copy of Playworks, GearAxis and PC Magazine Singapore, a logitech wrist band and other items that are sure to delight any gamer.

Rapture Gaming has really put in a lot of effort in getting sponsors for WCG Singapore, and it really shows in the amount of goodies inside the goodie bag! There will be free gaming from 7.30pm onwards, on the PCs in the competition area, as well as at the Xbox kiosks cluster. Xbox games available for play include Fantastic Four, Mech Assault 2, Doom 3 and many more. So do come down for tomorrow’s WCG opening night.

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