Warcraft III Group Stages Final Results

The last match has been played out, and the full results for the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne are as follows. Qualifying for the knock out stages are:

Group 1: [b]DsD)StarFish.LoL[/b]
Group 2: [b]DsD)Mashi.LoL[/b]
Group 3: [b]aLt)Felicity.Dfi[/b]
Group 4: [b]SiNa.MaRs[/b]
Group 5: [b]SeKreT]Abuse[/b]
Group 6: [b]iNf|M1-Angel[/b]
Group 7: [b]SuSu[/b]
Group 8: [b]Ethereal.[/b]
Group 9: [b]Tagan.diVe[/b]
Group 10: [b]Dot.[/b]
Group 11: [b]Charm.diVe[/b]
Group 12: [b]DsD)freedom([/b]
Group 13: [b]mVp)dCdC-[/b]
Group 14: [b]Isaj[/b]
Group 15: [b]NYP.Nickt[/b]
Group 16: [b]mVp)Hydra-[/b]
Group 17: [b]aLt)SoLaR.Dfi[/b]
Group 18: [b]pinkly[CE][/b]
Group 19: [b]Pan Ke[/b]
Group 20: [b]aC.carrot.jC[/b]
Group 21: [b]Emailmyheart[/b]
Group 22: [b]gosubay[/b]
Group 23: [b]T0iDdi[/b]
Group 24: [b]Ast.ChuanShuo.diVe[/b]

GameSync congratulates all players who have made it to the knock out stages, and wish them all the best for the finals on Sunday.

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