Warcraft III Half Day Results

Group winners for several groups have emerged at the half day mark of the group stages for WCG Warcraft III. They are [b]DsD)StarFish.LoL[/b] (Group 1), [b]DsD)Mashi.LoL[/b] (Group 2), [b]aLt)Felicity.Dfi[/b] (Group 3), [b]SiNa.MaRs[/b] (Group 4), [b]SeKreT]Abuse[/b] (Group 5), [b]iNf|M1-Angel[/b] (Group 6), [b]SuSu[/b] (Group 7), [b]Ethereal.[/b] (Group 8), [b]Tagan.diVe[/b] (Group 9), [b]Dot.[/b] (Group 10), [b]Charm.diVe[/b] (Group 11), [b]DsD)freedom([/b] (Group 12) and [b]mVp)dCdC-[/b] (Group 13).

(Amendment to Group 9, see [url=http://www.gamesync.net/node/230]above news post[/url] for more information)

Congratulation to them, we’ll be seeing you at the finals on the 11th.

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