Dead or Alive: Ultimate Partial Results Out

The partial results for the Dead or Alive: Ultimate are now out, with some of the people who will be seeded into the knock out stages emerging from the group stages. They are [b]Quickdraw[/b], [b]Pag[e][/b], [b]SkyBrooDz[/b], [b]XtE[/b], [b]Prophet[/b], [b]rugby23[/b]. They will be in the knock out rounds along with the seed from the Community Club preliminaries.

The last slot has not been decided, as the players who are supposed to slug it out for the last slot, [b]Actoxhyphitus[/b] and [b]kerokun[/b] left before the marshal could inform them they have a last match to play. Their match will be postponed to tomorrow morning.

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