First Round Results For DotA Knock Out Stages

The results of the first stage DotA knock out round are out, and are as follows:

(Cyber Cafe Seed) [b]SEX[/b] over [b]eM[/b]
[b][S]h[A]meLes[S][/b] over [b]sMLj[/b]
[b]BoA[/b] over [b]MYRMIDONS[/b] (Community Club Seed)
[b]-MYRMt2-[/b] over [b]DsD Tactics Sheet Abusers[/b]
[b]Team Lt[/b] over [b]THE ROBERTS[/b] (Secondary School Seed)
(JC Seed) [b]AJC[/b] over [b]LoL[/b]
[b]One Letter[/b] over [b]Unforgiven[/b]

The only match unplayed is [b]aZ[/b] against the as yet undecided group 9 winner.

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