Group Winners for DotA 5.84c

The following teams have emerged as the group leaders for DotA 5.84c and will be seeded into the knock out rounds.

Group 1: [b]eM[/b]
Group 2: [b][S]h[A]meLes[S][/b]
Group 3: [b]sMLj[/b]
Group 4: [b]BoA[/b]
Group 5: [b]-MYRMt2-[/b]
Group 6: [b]DsD Tactics Sheet Abusers[/b]
Group 7: [b]Team Lt[/b]
Group 8: [b]aZ[/b]
Group 10: [b]LoL[/b]
Group 11: [b]One Letter[/b]

The results are group 9 are still pending as the last match is being played. It’s a three way tie between xLt, Ctrl and ZanG.

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