WCG 2005 CS:S KO rounds predictions

This article was originally written by Michael “XtReM|St`” Phee.

Day 1 of the World Cyber Games 2005 over at Suntec City conventionhall 401 has just ended. Here are the css teams that has qualified fromthe group stages:

Group 1: Fatal Exception
Group 2: Blaz[3].X3
Group 3: USD
Group 4: FTP
Group 5: TitaNs
Group 6: r4
Group 7: Covert Ghost
Group 8: PandemoniuM!
Group 9: 8ix.
Group 10: RageFaction
Group 11: New Age
Group 12: GrudgeBringeRs

Let me bring to you the predictions of the KO rounds.

Round 1:

1) Seed Cybercafe vs Fatal Exception

Prediction: Fatal Exception to win because they ‘were’ seed cybercafe; thus they will walkover.

2) Blaz[3].x3 vs USD

Prediction: Blaze[3].x3 to go through due to more exposure to source than compared to USD.

3) Seed Secondary vs FTP

Prediction: FTP to win this easily. The seed secondary team is a mixed team & they do not have enough training & dedication to the game. Besides, I’ve taken a look at FTP’s performance & they definitely do have a quality standard of firepower & great tactics.

4) TitaNs vs r4

Prediction: TitaNs to storm over r4. r4 is a known 1.6 team with stable teamwork & firepower but TitaNs has immense firepower & teamwork & they definitely had more exposure to source & had played on an international level.

5) Seed JC vs Covert Ghost

Prediction: I have heard news that Covert Ghost wont be able to play because 1 of their players cannot make it for this event. If that the case, seed JC would win by walkover.

6) PdM vs 8ix

Prediction: A pretty close fight but PdM would clinch this. Both teams had almost equal exposure to source & have old school players, but due to past results & determination, PdM would clinch this win no matter what.

7) Seed Tertiary vs RageFaction

Prediction: RageFaction to get an easy win. Like i’ve said earlier, school teams most probably do not train much nor have dedication to the game. Beside, Ragefaction is a supposedly powerhouse team with great firepower from the Seaton brothers.

8) Newedge vs [GBR]

Prediction: [GBR] to storm thru to the next round. [GBR] ported over to source 2 weeks ago & their playing style are still as deadly as ever. Their firepower are still strong with teamwork backing up more reasons for them to go thru. Newedge are a pretty decent team but they lack enough firepower & tactics to overcome [GBR]


Round 2: (supposedly)

1) Fatal Exception vs Blaz[3].x3

Prediction: Fatal Exception to win this marginally due to them having more experience in source & having better firepower & with a few ex-PwA members, they would give x3 a hard time.

2) FTP vs TitaNs

Prediction: TitaNs to win this around 16-6. TitaNs are favourites to win this WCG & FTP do not have enough exposure to source. An upset from FTP is most unlikely.

3) Seed JC vs PdM

Prediction: PdM to win this convincingly. PdM has a team comprisingly of mostly old skool players & with school teams not having enough training nor dedication, there should be no reason why PdM should lose.

4) RageFaction vs [GBR]

Prediction: A very, very close fight but [GBR] to pull through to the next level. [GBR] has had more training time in source than compared to RF & their team’s overall firepower is slightly better. 2 powerhouse teams meeting each other at this stage. It should be one of the most exciting match to watch.


Semi-finals: (supposedly)

1) Fatal Exception vs TitaNs

Prediction: TitaNs to win. Due to past results & international exposure, TitaNs would edge out over Fatal Exception. Fatal Exception have good firepower but they lack international exposure & due to past results of losing to TitaNs, they would not go thru, but they might give TitaNs a run for their money.

2) PdM vs [GBR]

Prediction: [GBR] to win this around 16-5. Their immense firepower & lots of training would overpower PdM who do have decent teamwork & firepower, but they lack enough training.


Finals: (supposedly)

1) TitaNs vs [GBR]

Prediction: TitaNs to win very marginally, perhaps 16-13. This is because TitaNs have more exposure to source & the international scene; but with [GBR] winning RaGtuaL 16-2, they would definitely give TitaNs a very, very hard time.


3rd/4th placing: (supposedly)

1) PdM vs Fatal Exception

Prediction: Fatal Exception to win this. PdM would give a run for FE’s money, but Fatal Exception has better teamwork & firepower, with many experienced old school players, no doubt they would win. But an
upset might happen, so do watch this match carefully.

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