WCG 2005 CSS Finals

This article was originally written by Michael “XtReM|St`” Phee.

As everyone knows, TitaNs & RageFaction are in the finals, vying for the championship spot for the finals to represent singapore in the World Cyber Games 2005. As such, TitaNs has won over RageFaction 16-12 on de_dust2. The 3rd/4th placing match had Pandemonium! winning over Blaz[3].x3g 16-8 on de_train.

Soon, the prize giving presentation would commence. The whole WCG is happening! With mass croweds cheering for their respective teams & the media over here, no doubt that the gaming industry & the competitive gaming world would grow. I myself personally want competitive gaming as my career too. =)

On behalf of GameSync, we congratulate team TitaNs for their first ever WCG championship win. We would also like to congratulate both Pandemonium! & Blaz[3].x3g for their vast improvement, playing as ranks of underdogs but managing to squeeze themselves into the top 4 spots. Good game to all teams who participated in WCG!

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