WCG 2005 CSS Live Updates (Semi-Finals)

This article was originally written by Michael “XtReM|St`” Phee.

The World Cyber Games 2005 css semi-finals has just ended for both matches. Both matches were exciting, with Blaz[3].X3 really giving TitaNs a run for their money but TitaNs showed they were a powerhouse team by winning that matchup to qualify for the Finals. Next match had RageFaction getting in on de_train but PdM did decently well by getting some scores.

Finals: TitaNs vs RageFaction

3rd/4th placing: Blaz[3].X3 vs PandemoniuM!

Right now, we have the last 2 matchups of the day. TitaNs against RageFaction in the Finals & x3g against Pandemonium! for the 3rd & 4th placings. How exciting both matches are going to be!

The WCG 2005 css Singapore champion would be decided soon with a very, very exciting matchup of RageFaction against TitaNs! 2 powerhouse teams fighting to represent Singapore for the World Cyber Games 2005!

By the way, Karma is being interviewed by the media again =P

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