WCG 2005 Final Day Live CSS Update

This article was originally written by Michael “XtReM|St`” Phee.

As for now, 4 teams are in the semi finals now. TitaNs winning FTP pretty well, Blaz[3].x3g winning well over Fatal Exception 16-10, RageFaction overpowering [GBR] especially in the 2nd half on de_dust2 with the score of 16-8; & lastly PdM winning team Covert Ghosts 16-6 on de_train. Now these are the semi-finals matchups & latest predictions:

TitaNs vs Blaz[3].x3g

Pandemonium! vs RageFaction

Personally, I feel that TitaNs should win this matchup against x3g but perhaps getting a run for their money. As for the PdM vs RF matchup, PdM might upset RF. But RF should win this to get into the Finals. Frankly, both x3g & PdM were underdogs in this WCG 2005. They did really well to get into the prestigious semi-finals.

More live updates to come.

Also, click here to view my match report on the PandemoniuM! vs Covert Ghost match.

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