WCG KO Round 1: PdM vs 8ix.

This article was originally written by Michael “XtReM|St`” Phee.

WCG 2005 final day live CSS update

Highlight match of KO round 1:

PdM vs 8ix (de_train)

1st half: 11-4 to PdM (PdM T, 8ix CT)

2nd half: 5-0 to PdM (PdM CT, 8ix T)

PdM rushing to outer during the 1st round, the alley & mid was chaotic with both teams taking each other down, 1 by 1. Bigfish from PdM had low health, facing Elwin 1v1 after planting the c4. He did well by delaying the opponent to allow the c4 to explode.

The next 2 rounds were taken up by PdM due to 8ix having to eco. During the crucial 4th round, it was in a situation where Pduck from PdM had a clutch situation of 1v3 but he slowly took the 8ix people down 1 by 1. The next round was followed by a good outer defense from 8ix missy & reco but PdM showed more resistence by grabbing the next 4 rounds which really opened up the score gap.

During 10th round, 8ix Elwin was solid. He singlyhandedly stopped 4 PdM guys over at outer with his awp, with next round won by PdM thanks to bigfish but the next 2 rounds were taken by 8ix with an eco round. PdM stood up again & patiently taking outer & inner respectively for last 2 rounds. 11-4 to PdM in 1st half.

The first pistol  round were seen with 8ix rushing inner but PdM responded well & took the bombsite over with Bigfish & Opti coordinating well to cover both lower & upper inner to allow Aloysius to defuse the c4. The next 2 rounds were seen with bigfish & Aloysius taking the 8ix’s eco rushes down over at side alley.

4th round was another crucial round, with Yuiho in a situation of a 1v3 but he slowly took the 8ix players down 1 by 1 with his awp! The PdM team were high in morale & spirit, doing the last round with a push over at inner & yuiho holding alley long enough for the PdM backup to come.

GG to both teams.

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