WCG Match Up Report: PdM vs cG

This article was originally written by Michael “XtReM|St`” Phee.

Here are more live updates especially on PdM vs team Covert Ghost with PdM upsetting cG on de_train 16-6.

Highlight match of KO quarter-finals:

PdM vs Covert Ghost (de_train)

1st half: 13-2 to PdM (PdM CT, cG T)

2nd half: 3-4 to PdM (PdM T, cG CT)

The first pistol round was intense, with both sides gunning each other down 1 by 1; but Opti from PdM did very well by winning the clutch 1v1 round. The next 2 rounds were seen with PdM taking down easily cG’s eco rushes to inner & middle respectively. Next gun round was crucial for cG & they showed determination to take alley down.

The next 10 rounds showed PdM’s fury by patiently rotating their defense & stopping all kinds of opposition, espcially with Opti winning the 5th clutch round & Yuiho killing 3 over at inner with his awp, causing cG to keep eco-ing.

Over at the last round, cG refused to give up as shown by cG.q-lost taking 3 CT’s down & winning a consolation round. Good half to PdM with great teamwork, cover & defensive rotations. 13-2 to PdM in the 1st half.

2nd half started with cG overpowering the alley, & PdM could not kill any of them. Next round was seen PdM eco rush alley, but cG.siaoLiaO did well with his tmp. During the 3rd round, PdM’s risk of gunning up worked well with Yuiho & Pduck getting 2 frags each to boost the team to overwhelm inner bombsite. cG’s half eco were defeated by PdM’s rifles.

The next 2 rounds seen cG winning both clutch rounds, still showing great resistence but PdM finally wrapped up this game with Aloycius beautifully taking 3 cG guys down. Good game to PdM! Initially, cG were almost clear favourites to win this matchup but PdM  showed cG through the game that they were not to be looked down.

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