WCG Semi-Final Match Report: PdM vs RF

This article was originally written by Michael “XtReM|St`” Phee.

Highlight match of KO semi-finals:

PdM vs RF (de_train)

1st half: 10-5 to RF (PdM T, RF CT)

2nd half: 6-3 to RF (PdM CT, RF T)

The first pistol round had RF stopping PdM’s middle rush well, with PdM having to do 2 eco rounds out of which were initially good but RF re-picked up the pieces.

The 4th-6th round were seen PdM winning with Aloycius & Opti winning 2 clutch rounds consecutively. After which, RF overpowered with their great communication & teamwork to stop all kinds of opposition from PdM, from 7th all the way till 13th round, when PdM finally got a round from inner rush but the last was gotten by a clutch round win from RF. Good half to RageFaction, 10-5 to RF.

2nd half started with RF playing an uncommon tactic, rushing to upper slope of inner then to Ct base which totally confused the PdM guys. PdM had a very good eco rush over the house & thus, RF had to eco the next 2 rounds. Lack of firepower & cover from PdM allowed RF to penetrate & poke all places easily, showing that they were a powerhouse team by branding their firepower all over the map. Quite a decent fight from PdM though.

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