Interview With X3.Gaming’s HellJumper

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This article was originally written by Brian “Koelsch” Ho.

Xtreme Gaming (x3g), may be the underdogs for the World Cyber Games but they proved lots of people wrong. They even won a great team such as Fatal Exceptions (FE) in de_dust2 and got 4th placing in WCG Singapore. I managed to get x3.Gaming | HellJumper for a quick interview.

Congratulations. Would you like to introduce yourself and give us some background on your team?

Hi, I’m Manfred a.k.a HellJumper from Blaz[3].X3G. I joined X3 about 3 months ago, i was frm clan he|ix, led by Kiamat- started competitive gaming 2 years ago. My first clan was -=]K[o]D[=-, a unknown clan at that time lol. i started playing CS around 1.5 and that’s pretty much about it.

What do you think of the organisers this year compared to last year and do you think they provide the best environment possible for the gamers?

Well, I didn’t take part in last year’s World Cyber Games. But from what i heard it was pretty bad. This year they provided a really good environment for gamers to play in. Except that it’s a lil’ too cold? LOL. But overall, this year was good. Rather organised.

How did you guys actually pull a win over FE? how did you guys train for it? Did any special tactics did the trick? or was it more of a mental game?

Wow, this is really a good question. We did train on our personal firepower. And of course we did use special tactics, but that’s classified. Well, mental game… I and Marvin had to keep boosting the team’s morale. So you could say it was abit of a trouble for me to keep my team tight and frosty. You won’t like it when you’re losing 8-7 right lol . but due to our confidence (which i really believe it is) we managed to pull out 7 rounds as Terrorist  before losing 2 rounds to FE and eventually winning the game. But hey, you gotta give FE the credit man, they pulled up one helluva fight. And not forgetting to mention the lost to them at Virtualeague finals held at LanLab.

lol yeah of course. it was an intense match for everyone. Did you guys ever thought of getting this far? and would you guys come back again next year?

Like our dear Lousyplayer from N² said : The further you aim, the further you will go. We making a comeback? Well I really do hope this team sticks together as long as time permits. But i believe we will
make a comeback. But of course there have been rumours that WCG 2006 is 1.6 . And that is gonna be a pain in every CSS’s clan’s ass. But if we do really go our seperate ways. Then I guess I’ll be going round
looking for clans… or at least I think LOL .

What do you think of the equipments provided there and maybe some comments on the gaming marshalls? or the variety of stalls there?

The equipments provided were alright.. but the marshals were abit… vulgar. I remember when i was setting up my equipment and Tetsusaiga from Blaz[3].xeb3 was asking  for the marshal to help him plug his headset, the marshal got pissed and scolded a vulgarity. Well, i can’t say much about the marshalls actually. They did very well organising and being efficient. The stalls were rather cool, to see creative give away x-fi cards to css-ers who could frag. but something still bothers me,  where is the razer stall!?!

{mosimage articles/hell_pray.jpg HellJumper in an intense match moment.}

LOL maybe they got lost. Okay any shout outs to anyone out there?

Of course! My humble thanks to Kidon of Team TitaNs for his advise on my team, simply, to everyone that has always believed that i would make my mark in gaming. Ultimately i wanna thank God. And a special shout out to someone reading this interview, You know who you are…. wahahahahaha! And of course i wanna thank GameSync for this interview.  without them, I would not have been publicised hahaha. And Mata, stop taking PICS OF MY GLOVE DAMN IT.

LOL . your legendary steelpad glove aint it? =) a quick random question . love or friends?

Love but seriously, you gotta have both. You can’t have one lol.

haha alright. Thank you so much for this interview. And Congratulations once again in clinching 4th placing in WCG .

Thank you for this interview.

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