WCG: X3.gaming vs FE (de_dust2)

This article was originally written by “Shift” Han Wei Siew.

Match Summary

1st half: (CT) X3.gaming 7 – 8 FE (T)

2nd half: (T) X3.gaming 9 – 2 FE (CT)

Final score: X3.gaming 16 – 10 FE

First Half

The game started by FE playing slowly. It was followed by a rush to outer, FE and X3 both were able to take down 4 of the opposing team players. However, X3 won the round by an amazing clutch by Helljumper. A quick inner rush by X3 was quickly neutralised due to the great backup and firepower X3 showcased.

The 3rd round saw an amazing turn of events, FE again played slowly but was unable to prevent the bomb from being dropped. Even at this disadvantage, FE won the round, the reason was mainly due to X3 aggressive style of play which led to the lost of the round. FE played another slow play, this was later followed by a mid and upper tunnel rush to inner bombsite which led to a win.

X3 had no choice but to eco the 5th round, a quick rush by FE was quickly followed by a win. X3 had to eco again at the 6th round, FE did the same thing and again, won the round. X3 learned a quick lesson about their aggressive play and changed their playing style to a passive one, this did the trick and they were able to stop FE rush to outer.

FE rushed outer again but it almost costed them the round. The round was saved by the amazing firepower of Racife which saw him bringing down 3 of X3 players. This led to a win due to the great clutch by Racife. X3 passive play eventually led them to win the 9th round which was mainly due to the good communication and chemistry between the players of X3.

FE had no choice but to eco the 10th round. FE mid rushed was quickly eliminated as their pistols were no match to X3 firepower. FE again had to eco the 11th round but this time played slowly. This was closely followed by a rush to mid which was again stopped. On the 12th round FE found a weakness in X3 guarding and made a quick rush to outer from alley, this eventually won the round for them.

FE did a wonderful fake rush to inner in the 13th round which saw FE players rushing inner but than quickly falling back to alley. X3 was confused and assumed FE was rushing inner, this left outer wide open for FE to attack. The confusion finally led X3 to lose the round. FE rushed stairs to outer but was stopped short due to the great awp of Ruky. The final round saw FE doing the same tactic but this time, the round was won due to a great show of skill by Numbskull.

Second Half

The game was started without any hesitation. A quick rush by X3 to inner was followed by a win. Great play by Ruky on that round with 3 kills. The 2nd round saw X3 using the same tactics but this time was coupled by a good use of nades. The round quickly ended to X3 preference. Another rush to inner saw the same results as the 1st 2 rounds. This time however, X3 played a slow round, this was than followed by a mid and tunnel rush to inner. Another win by X3.

The 5th saw a good display of teamwork and communication of X3. An inner rush by X3 was successful due to Flaky’s warning of a nade fest. The message was quickly pasted on to the other players of X3. As expected FE threw a huge amount of nades from mid into the inner bombsite but X3 avoided it, attributed by the quick and fast decisive warning by Flaky. This led to another win by X3.

On the 6th round saw a change in X3 tactics and they rushed alley. The charging rampage of X3 was too much for FE to handle and X3 was able to get the bomb planted and blown. The 7th round unleashed the true firepower of X3 as the win was greatly due to them killing of FE quickly. Another rush by X3 to outer was this time cut short by FE and FE managed to cliched the round. A slow play by X3 to stairs was stopped again by FE. Looks like FE have started to bolster their outer defence.  This time a slow inner by X3 almost failed but was able to win the round due to a great clutch by Ruky. A quick rush from alley saw X3 winning the final round.

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