More & more css servers online up & running!

This article was originally written by Michael “XtReM|St`” Phee.

More options on playing Counter-striker: Source online! More servers have been set up & the number of singapore css online servers have rose significantly since after the World Cyber Games 2005, which concluded on 11th september, seeing team TitaNs taking the championship crown.

More & more online css public servers have been set up! Here are the new servers & ip & please enjoy playing css online! These are the new servers which are not locked regularly & opened to public:

1. a(nova : ax|s. server

2. a(nova : Eternal Sign [+] server

3. :: Team eXtant

4. Clan [X]tC Server

5. EN Techonologies CS Source

6. PAGN.NET CS:Source

7. SGGA.NET CS:Source!

8. SlackaBeS.NeT – Team S.A.S Public/Match Server

9. Vr Zone CSS PlayServer

Have fun fragging on these new great servers!

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