Virtualeague season 2: preview

This article was originally written by Michael “XtReM|St`” Phee.

The main game of [u]VirtuaLeague Season 2[/u] will be [b]Counter-Strike: Source[/b] again after the votes for all the games have been counted. However the side games have not been decided yet, the managment of VirtuaLeague will be holding a meeting with Sponsor Starhub on the games to be played.

[u]Scores[/u] (votes)

Counter-Strike Source ([b]26[/b])
DotA ([b]24[/b])
WC3 Official Maps ([b]17[/b])
CS 1.6 ([b]14[/b])
NFSU 2 ([b]13[/b])
Winning Eleven 9 ([b]10[/b])
Fifa 2005/2006 ([b]5[/b])
WoW Duel ([b]4[/b])
Halo 2 ([b]4[/b])
Dead or Alive Ultimate ([b]1[/b])
Warhammer 40k ([b]1[/b])

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