Confirmed Teams in CPL Singapore CS 1.6 and Predictions

This article was originally written by Michael “XtReM|St`” Phee.

Today is the deadline for signing up for the CPL Singapore PainKiller & Counter-Strike 1.6. So far, 12 teams have signed up for it, 5 local teams & 7 overseas teams. Also, I have posted my predictions on who the top 4 teams will be.

[b]Frantic[/b] – Sweden
[b]Hybrid.Landakes[/b] – Malaysia
[b]RageFaction[/b] – Singapore
[b]SNAG[/b] – Singapore
[b]Team ProGamer[/b] – Australia
[b]Team XCN[/b] – Poland
[b]wNv[/b] – China
[b][/b] – China
[b]DES.Whitebox[/b] – Malaysia
[b][GBR][/b] – Singapore
[b]RtL[/b] – Singapore
[b]RaG[3][/b] – Singapore


1st – [GBR]
2nd – Frantic
3rd – Team ProGamer
4th – wNv

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