HinterWars: Cross-Platform MMORPG

[b]HinterWars: The Aterian Invasion is a revolutionary dual-platform massively multiplayer online game that allows gamers to play simultaneously with tens of thousands of others using either their Nokia Series 60 and Nokia N-Series gamedeck or their PC.[/b]

While [url=http://www.hinterwars.com/]HinterWars[/url] certainly is not a new game, having been launched earlier this year, the unique cross-platform nature of the game is still something refreshing to many gamers. If you ever felt something missing in your life when you stop playing on your pc and step out of home, HinterWars might just be what you need. HinterWars allows you to be continually immersed in the game environment even while on the move, as long as you have a Nokia Series 60 mobile or a Nokia N-Series gamedeck.

HinterWars is developed by [url=http://www.activate.sg/]Activate[/url], a Singapore-based games developer focusing primarily on cross-platform mobile and PC gaming, and is published globally by [url=http://www.nokia-asia.com/]Nokia[/url].

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