Camp EA 2006

[b]Be one of the first to experience exclusive previews of Electronic Art’s upcoming game titles at Camp EA 2006 this coming Monday, 9th October 2006.[/b]

[url=]Camp EA 2006[/url] promises to give gamers a first glimpse at EA’s upcoming game titles along with exciting activities and lucky draws with attractive prizes to be given out. While no specific game titles are mentioned, from the promotional material it appears that the highly anticipated Battlefield 2142 will be among the titles to be previewed. The programme is divided into two sessions, the first for “Priority Pass” holders (consumers who preordered upcoming EA games) from 5pm to 9pm, and the second open to the general public from 9pm to 11pm.

Camp EA 2006 will be held at [url=]Timbre Bistro & Pub[/url], located at the Substation. A location map and transportation details can be found on the [url=]Camp EA 2006 website[/url]. Camp EA 2006 is organized by leading PC game publisher [url=]Electronic Arts[/url].

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