2006 GXL Season 02 Sign Ups Open Soon

[b][url=http://www.gxleague.com/]Games Xtreme League[/url] has announced the date of opening of registrations and sign ups for 2006 GXL Season 02 on their official website.[/b]


Registration and sign ups for the 2006 Games Xtreme League Season 02 will start on the evening of Monday, 9th of October and last until the 22th of October. Games currently in the 2006 GXL Season 02 are Counter-Strike: Source, DotA Allstars and Unreal Tournament 2004.

Read the original news announcement from GXL [url=http://www.gxleague.com/league/news.asp?id=868&sec=1&typ=0]here[/url].

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