Opening of 4th MapleSEA World Delphinus

[b]Asiasoft has indicated that they will be opening a fourth world tomorrow, as well as implementing patch 0.36. The maintenance period is expected to last from 0930HRS (+8 GMT) to 1330HRS (+8 GMT) on Thursday, 30th of November 2006.[/b]

There will be an exclusive Trio Bandana event as well as special 2X time slots for Delphinus. There will be special 2X time slots for all the worlds as well during the festive season. Finally, there will be a cash shop update as well as fixing of reported bugs.

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[]Dear Maplers,

There will be a game client update for MapleSEA Game Service on 30th November 2006, from 0930HRS (+8 GMT) to 1330HRS (+8 GMT). The Game Service will be down during this period. Please log off safely before the time of update to avoid any loss of items.

The upcoming update includes:

Version .36

1. Celebrate the grand opening of the 4th world – Delphinus!
2. Exclusive Trio Bandana event at Delphinus!
3. Special 2X time slots for Delphinus!
4. Special 2X time slots for all the worlds during the festive season!
4. Cash shop update.
5. Fixing of reported bugs.

If you encounter any problem running the auto-patch when starting the game through the desktop shortcut, restart your PC and follow the steps described in this link here.

If this fails, please download the manual patch. If manual patch does not work, please re-download the new game client. Check our FAQ section for more information.

– MapleSEA Administrator.[/quote]

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