World of Warcraft 2.0 – What Addons Do I Use?

As you may or may not know, the live realms are down now for the maintenance that will update the game to version 2.0. Among various game changing mechanics, class and talent changes, one of the changes with the most impact is the new scripting changes. What this means is that many of our favourite mods will no longer work in 2.0. Indeed, if you try to load your 1.12 addons into the 2.0 client, you’ll simply get “incompatible” and the addon will not be loaded (You can do some trickery to get it to load, more on that later). Some of the more prominent causaulties include Decursive and the LazyScript series. This is because Blizzard decided to remove the ability to use scripts or install addons to make intelligent decisions on behalf of the player regarding what actions to fire, spells to cast, items to use, mobs to target, and so on.

Before you panic, there are already addons that have been updated to 2.0. Read on for my recommendations on what to use on the first day after 2.0 – before your favourite addons are updated, or as replacements for addons that are no longer in development.

These are the addons that I have used and tested for the duration of the 2.0 Public Test Realm. Most of the mods are using the Ace2 framework, and as such they occupy a small memory footprint (about 28MB on my setup). I may or may not provide a compilation of all the addons that I’m using, depending on whether there is any demand for it. You can find a screenshot of my current set up at the bottom of my article.

They work very nice and cleanly for the most part, but I don’t guarantee that you will experience the same experience that I do. If you encounter any difficulties, you should look through either the [url=]Ace 2.0 Addons forums[/url] or the [url=]WoW Interface website[/url] for help. If you wish, you may try posting for help at our [url=]GameSync WoW forum[/url], but no guarantees to a knowledgeable solution or prompt replies there.

Note: Download the latest revision for the links to the [url=]WoW Ace file depository[/url]. To do this find the greatest number, or the latest date updated.

[size=3][b]User Interface[/b][/size]

[b]ag_UnitFrames[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
ag_UnitFrames is a lightweight unit frames addon that replaces your default unit frames (the bit that displays your character’s, target’s, pet’s, etc. health and mana) with something more visually appealing, as well as adding additional utility to the unit frames, such as displaying actual HP and mana values, combat text, and such.

[b]Bartender3[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Bartender3 is a action bar addon. It removes your UI elements and replaces them with bars you can move around the screen and customize to what you want them to look like.

[b]Cartographer[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Cartographer is a replacement for the world map and Altas. It also has the ability to show unexplored areas, leave map notes and maps from battlegrounds and instances. By installing the [url=]Cartographer_Herbalism[/url] and [url=]Cartographer_Mining[/url] modules you can also show the locations of herbs and mining veins that you have previously harvested on the world map.

[b]ElkBuffBars[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
ElkBuffBars is a replacement to the default buff display. It shows your buffs in the form of countdown timer bars.

[b]Fizzle[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Fizzle adds colour coded rarity borders to the items currently equiped in your character pane. It also has an option to show the durability of each equiped item in the pane.

[b]Grid[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Grid is a compact representation of yourself, your party and even your raid. It can be set to alert you to specific debuffs types, low health and mana monitors and many more features. I intend to use this in combination with Clique as a substitute for Decursive.

[b]oCB[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
oCB is a casting bar replacement that in additional to being more visually appealing also adds a countdown timer to spellcast, as well as showing how much casting delay you have taken while being attacked or interrupted.

[b]Prat[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Prat is a chat addon that has many features, including enabling mousewheel scrolling of chat windows, removing of the chat window buttons, colouring of player names, and many other features too numerous to talk about.

[b]Squeenix[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Squeenix is a square minimap addon that changes the minimap from a circular shape to a square shape. It also lets you zoom in and out of the minimap by using your scroll wheel.

[b]TinyTip[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
TinyTip is an addon that allows you to change how the game’s tooltip is displayed. The coolest bit about this addon is that it allows the tooltip to be attached to your mouse cursor, so you get the tooltip appearing over your target when you mouseover it. To configure TinyTip you’ll need to download and install the [url=]TinyTipOptions[/url] module as well.

[b]vBagnon[/b] [url=]Info[/url] [url=]Download[/url]
vBagnon is a all-in-one inventory addon that shows all your bags as a single inventory. This addon is a little different from the usual all-in-one inventory addons in that it actually has some filters which you can use to show only particular items in your bags, such as trinkets, armor, vendor junk and weapons. While it has taken some time to get used to, the filtering feature has proved to be useful more than once.


[b]Fubar[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Fubar is a panel bar addon, similar to TitanPanel. What it does is to place a panel bar, typically either docked to the top or bottom of your screen. On these bar you will be able to use various modules to display a wide variety of information and perform various tasks. Fubar on its own is useless, so I have listed the Fubar components that I am currently using in 2.0 below.

[b]FuBar_AmmoFu[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Shows the amount of ammo you have.

[b]FuBar_BagFu[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Shows the amount of bag space you have.

[b]FuBar_ClockFu[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Shows a clock which can display both server time and your local time.

[b]FuBar_DurabilityFu[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Shows various information about the durability of your items, and your repair costs. Also has an option to display a popup and/or auto repair at vendors.

[b]FuBar_FuXPFu[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Shows your experience or faction progress as a small blue streak at the edge of Fubar. Very cool looking, definitely recommended.

[b]FuBar_LocationFu[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Shows your current location and coordinates.

[b]FuBar_MoneyFu[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Shows your current amount of gold. Also shows the amount of gold your other characters on the same realm has.

[b]FuBar_PerformanceFu[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Shows information on your latency, framerate and memory usage.


[b]Antagonist[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Antagonist is an enemy cast bar addon that lets you see what the enemies/mobs around you are casting and a cast bar representation of their cast times, buffs which your targets gain, as well as cooldowns on spells that the targets use. Very useful. Antagonist in addition with Chronometer can replace many of the features in the more popular naturEnemyCastBars.

[b]Capping[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Capping is an addon that adds timer bars for various battleground flag caps, shows the WSG flag carrier, and other useful information.

[b]Chronometer[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Chronometer shows a timer bar for the debuffs casted by you (DoTs and Slow effects for example). Also acts as a timer bar for various crowd control options, such as sap and sheep. Chronometer in addition with Antagonist can replace many of the features in the more popular naturEnemyCastBars.

[b]Clique[/b] [url=]Info[/url] [url=]Download[/url]
Clique is an addon that lets you bind certain spells to key presses such as “Shift+Left Mouse Button” or “Ctrl+Right Mouse Button”, and casts the appropriate spell when you use the key press on a target’s unit frame. I am intending to use this together with Grid to serve as a substitute for Decursive and for group/raid buffing purposes.

[b]SimpleCombatLog[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
SimpleCombatLog colour codes the events in the combat log that relates directly to you, making it a lot more readable. Currently using this as a replacement for the more concise and pretty Nurfed Combat Log.

[size=3][b]Raiding Addons[/b][/size]

[b]oRA2[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
oRA2 is a fully compatible alternative to the popular CT_RaidAssist addon. It takes up considerably less memory due to its modular design, allowing you to enable only the features that you need. As an example, it does not include custom raid frames, meaning you are free to use your own raid frames without a default (unused) raid frame taking up additional memory. While you may prefer CT_RaidAssist, the CTmod team has announced that it may not be able to post an updated version for 2.0 before patch day, so you might want to give oRA2 a try before CT_RaidAssist is released. Personally, I now use oRA2 full time, even on 1.12.

[b]BigWigs[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
BigWigs is the equivalent of CT_RABossMods. The best feature about BigWigs is that it does not spam your client with boss alert messages, instead showing a bar timer for various encounter events. It even blocks out alert spamming from other boss mods addons. Most end-game raiding guilds use this.

[b]sRaidFrames[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Because oRA2 does not provide custom raid frames, I use sRaidFrames to provide my raid frames. In addition to looking better than the default Blizzard raid frames, it also includes features such as buff/debuff filtering to show only those that you interested in.


[b]!BugGrabber[/b] Info [url=!BugGrabber/]Download[/url]
Suppresses and logs those annoying error popups that may occur from time to time.

[b]BugSack[/b] Info [url=]Download[/url]
Allows you to see what errors BugGrabber has logged.

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